Frequently Asked Questions

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General Honey

True raw honey crystalizes because it is natural and unprocessed. The crystallization rate of honey depends on the plant that was used to collect nectar. To soften honey simply mix it with a sturdy knife until the honey has creamy texture. If necessary, place jar in warm water or a window sill (lid off) to soften the honey before mixing. Also to bring crystallized honey back to “liquid” consistency you can place it under warm water (no hotter than 104 degrees Fahrenheit) for 15-30 minutes.  

Yes, raw honey is always going to be thicker. Processed honey is clear, smooth and uniform in color because it has been filtered, diluted, pasteurized and/or overheated. We do not sell processed honey. We sell true raw honey that is rich in nutrients and taste!

Honey should be stored at room temperature. We also like to remind our customers that true raw honey never spoils!    

Health and Allergies

We recommend consulting your doctor/healthcare professional to be safe. However, it is rare that those with bee venom allergies (reactions to bee stings) would experience a related reaction to honey.

Yes, honey is safe for children above 1 year old. Honey is unsafe for children below 1 year of age because raw honey can cause botulism as the child’s immune system has not developed yet.   

When it comes to safety during pregnancy, we recommend consulting your healthcare professional before consuming our raw honey. With that being said, we know that many mothers with very healthy babies have eaten raw honey throughout pregnancy, but it is always an individual decision.  

We always recommend consulting your healthcare professional before consuming honey while breastfeeding. However, moms who are breastfeeding can eat raw honey. Mothers have the stomach acidity to eliminate any potential germs or bacteria, so there is little to no risk that anything harmful will be passed to the baby in the breast milk.   


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